We understand that starting over with a new character may seem like a daunting task, so we have a server transfer option for those who qualify. If you have an existing character that is at least level 75 on an *active* retail or private server, we are more than happy to transfer some of your account information so that you can jump right in on the action. Please note that private servers often have different rules when it comes to server transfers. Our rules are in place for a reason and exist for the benefit of the community. If you are not satisfied with your server transfer options, we encourage you to explore other private servers. Thank you for your understanding. Now, with that out of the way, on to the important info:

Server Transfer Rules

-You will need to be able to provide a JSON and screenshots (instructions to follow) of your character - no exceptions.

-You can transfer ONE level 75 job and ONE job capped at level 37. These jobs must already be leveled to 75 and at least 37 respectively. Choose wisely!

-You can transfer a total of 30 items (gear, weapons, or other). Only ONE Relic and ONE Mythic are allowed for transfer. **If you are level 99 and have 75 era gear that has been enhanced/buffed/etc you will get the level 75 version.

-A max of 5 million gil.

-Crafts CANNOT be transfered, sorry there is no way to do it.

-You will be given 99 merits to place as you see fit.

-Nation missions (up to rank 6), CoP and Zilart missions can be transfered.

-Quests (including cap quests), key items, homepoints, and fame are not able to be transferred at this time.

-You will have to do subjob quest, advanced jobs quest and LB 1-5.

Server Transfer Procedure

-Log into your character and screenshot your jobs, crafts, gil, mission progress, and 30 items that you want to transfer.

-Download Windower (see instructions under getting started). You will still be able to play on Ashita later if that is what you prefer, you just need Windower for the transfer.

-Download the Findall addon for Windower. (You may already have it installed.)

-Go to Windower4\addons\Findall\data\directory and delete the storages.json

-Log onto your OLD character, the one you wish to transfer data from.

-Wait AT LEAST 20 seconds after you login and then type //findall


-Create a dropbox or Google folder with all of your screenshots as well as the new storages.json as part of your application.

-Create a new character on NIGHTBROOD.

The Server Transfer Application

-Go to the Server Transfer section of the forums and create a new thread.

-Make sure that you have read this entire wikia page.

-Copy and paste the application found below and paste it as a NEW thread with your NIGHTBROOD character name as the title:


Discord Name:

Previous Server Name:

Previous Character Name:

Level 75 job you wish to transfer:

Level 37 job you wish to transfer:

List the 15 items with FFXIAH ID that you wish to transfer. You get the ID by searching for the item on FFXIAH and taking the number from the item's specific web address:

Example: Duelist's Chapeau 15076 (

Gil you wish to transfer:

Link to your screenshots and JSON file:

Time available for transfer:

Respond "Yes" or "No" to the following statement. By submitting this application I have read and agree to the NIGHTBROOD server rules as well as the server transfer rules: